Van delden
With Catharina van Delden’s team I worked on Strategy, Positioning, Marketing, Business Model definition, Sales, and Growth...

Catharina van Delden, CEO and Founder innosabi GmbH

"Armin's operational support was invaluable.“

"Our complete management team worked with Armin L Rau on the strategic positioning of the company as a software provider as well as the marketing and launch of our new innosabi labs and crowd product series. Working with Armin helped us a lot in structuring our strategic work and shaping our product portfolio.

As a coach, Armin brings all his long-standing experience to the table so that we could reflect our ideas against his viewpoints as a long-standing executive. He also helped us by explaining what decision-makers are interested in so that we could gear our messages to the market’s expectation. His operational support in the creation of the marketing plan and the qualification of sales opportunities was invaluable to us."