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My name is Armin L Rau, founder of A Leonard Rau, and I want to help you become a great leader and manager. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner with at least 10 employees, this programme will be right for you. It is called LIFE and stands for Leadership Insights For Entrepreneurs. You will learn how to go from founder to leader with my easy-to-use 6-step system.

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Armin always strives for excellence when he is looking for the best possible solution.
Armin has the genetics and the authenticity of a leader.
(Fellow Alumn)
Armin is a visionary and a leader, always attentive and enthusiastic.
Armin is a great leader and knows how to motivate his teams, he gives everybody the opportunity to learn and develop.
Armin is very persuasive and passionate as well as great in implementing new ideas.
Armin never loses his positive attitude, even in very uncertain times, and is always looking to find sustainable solutions for the problems of tomorrow.
Armin is appreciative, transparent, clear, fair. He's open, curious, blessed with a lot of motivation. Added to this is a lot of empathy for situations and his counterpart
(Business Partner)
Armin's honest directness is certainly a great strength and this together with competence and persuasiveness.
(Business Partner)
Armins greatest strengths are his positivity and can-do attitude
(Business Partner)
Armin Rau is the positive, energizer bunny. Just keeps going. Energetic and positive.
(Former employee)
Armin's personal strength: he is open and communicative, professionally: he does not let himself be beaten and believes in himself.
(Business Partner)

Finding the right way to lead people and an organisation was the riddle of my life. How to find the right balance between being on one hand close to my employees and on the other hand being respected. That was the central question for me. Finally, in 2008, I was taught a lesson in my role as Managing Director of a consulting company. I hit rock bottom due to inadequate leadership. Since then, I’ve been changing my leadership style completely, managed to make a €25m organization profitable and finally built my own company being free, independent, and relaxed. In 2018, after successfully coaching a start-up with an ROI of 70%, I decided to create a coaching programme to share with entrepreneurs and business owners globally how to change from founder/owner to leader. With that decision, LIFE (Leadership Insights For Entrepreneurs) was born. It will be the first global community of entrepreneurial leaders…

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If you are now searching for a solution to your current leadership challenge, the LIFE programme might be your path to finally being the leader you want to be: clear, bold, relaxed.

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Armin is a dynamic and compelling speaker whose presentations combine pragmatic tips, methods, and tools with his own moving journey towards entrepreneurial leadership. Audiences love him and request he be invited back, time and again.

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Join our global community of dynamic start up entrepreneurs and business owners today and get regular updates on Leadership for Entrepreneurs from Armin as a member of a global entrepreneurs community.

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